First platinum LEED certificate for ECE and for a shopping center in Italy


New ECE sustainability report issued: successes in energy efficiency and resource protection

Adigeo shopping center in Verona, developed by ECE and opened in 2017, has been awarded the platinum certificate from the LEED certification system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its performance in sustainability. Adigeo is the first shopping center in Italy to be rated at the highest certification level of LEED which is one of the best-known international classification systems for energy- and environment-friendly planning of buildings. At the same time, it is the first LEED certificate for ECE.

This special award underscores the extensive commitment ECE has shown in promoting sustainability which it has now taken stock of in its newly issued sustainability report. Examples from the wide spectrum of successes and results of its sustainability activities are:

  • Over 70 certified properties: Currently, 56 ECE properties are certified in accordance with the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB); 15 of these are platinum, 37 gold, 3 silver, and 1 is bronze. A BREEAM certificate has been awarded to 15 properties. As an internationally ac-tive company, ECE supports all notable certification systems and places a strong emphasis on a sustainable image for the properties it develops and operates, together with their certification.
  • 14 million kWh of electricity saved annually: By implementing the most modern LED technology in a total of 41 centers and 25 parking garages, energy consumption is reduced by almost half as compared to conventional lighting concepts.
  • Further 1.7 million kWh electricity savings per year: through mod-ernization of the ventilation systems in a total of 21 centers.
  • Avoidance of 123,000 tons of CO2 emissions: in the year 2017 alone, by using green electricity in place of conventional electricity. 99% of ECE centers in Germany as well as company headquarters in Hamburg are supplied exclusively with green electricity.
  • A total of 150 charging points in ECE centers: with these, ECE makes an active contribution to expanding the charging facilities for electric vehicles and to more sustainable mobility. Further charging sta-tions are planned in 2018.

Further information on ECE’s sustainable projects and results in 2016/2017 as well the commitment of ECE to its employees, the environment, and sustainable living spaces are described in detail in the current sustainability report. ECE contributes to creating a livable community and creates meet-ing spaces that turn properties into places that promote well-being. For this reason the latest report is entitled “Creating Living Environments Together.” It is available for download on the ECE website at:

Adigeo Verona: exemplary sustainability in many areas

The extent and variety of the efforts made towards sustainable construction and operation of property are expressed in the criteria upon which the Adigeo center in Verona was awarded the LEED platinum certificate. It is only through the overall interplay of the many individual outstanding sustainability aspects that Adigeo has achieved the highest certification level. For example, the shell of the building exceeds the legal requirement for energetic quality by 20%. The center promotes sustainable mobility by providing optimum access to public transport, eight charging points for electric vehicles, and the provision of bicycle parking spaces as well as changing and shower rooms for center personnel commuting by bike. In the social area as well, the many services provide for a family-friendly atmosphere. Another exemplary aspect is the resource-saving utilization of water and electricity: water-saving fittings for sinks and toilets as well as the use of rainwater to water outdoor facilities help reduce water consumption. Together with the photovoltaic system, the high percentage of available daylight reaching the mall through the generously sized glass surfaces and the use of energy-saving LED to illuminate the facade and the mall interior provide for low electric consumption.